Amalia Megremi

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Doctoral Candidate

 Email: amegremi[αt]

Amalia Megremi is Medical Doctor/Pediatrician (University of Athens). She holds Master of Science in Health Informatics (University of Athens) and Master of Science in Holistic Alternative Therapeutic Systems (University of Aegean). She has been practicing Pediatrics in public primary healthcare system in Athens. Amalia interested in holistic view of medicine in general and in autism, immunology, systems thinking, design, neuropsychology and alternative medicine in particular.

Research topics

  • Pediatrics
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Immonology
  • Design
  • Wholeness in Medicine
  • Systems Thinking
  • Neuropsychology

Selected Publications

  • Megremi A, Darzentas J. (2019). Neuropsychology theories that could help ASDs Caregivers and Designers to Understand the Disorder: A Review. Cogent Medicine 6:1694205, pp. 78.
  • Megremi A, Darzentas J. (2018). The Concept of Self-Reference in Autism. Cogent Medicine 5: 1544190, pp.73-74.
  • Megremi ASF. (2018). An “Abundance” Phenotype Hypothesis for Autism. Journal in Advances in Medicine and Medical Research 26(7):1-14. Article no. JAMMR.41138.
  • Megremi A, Darzentas I. (2017). Basic principles rightfully governing the design of tools in aautism: a physician’s perspective. Eur J Pediatrics 176:1536.
  • Megremi ASF. (2014). Autism Spectrum Disorders through the lens of complex-dynamic systems theory. OA Autism 2(1):10.
  • Megremi A. (2013). Fever as a predictive factor in the autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability 5; 3:51 ISSN: 0975-0851.
  • Megremi ASF. (2013). Is fever a predictive factor in the autism spectrum disorders? Medical Hypotheses 80:391-398.