eDea Project

Digital services for ideation, collaboration & synthesis in design thinking

Project AreaDesign Thinking
Project LeadUniversity of Thessaly (GR)
PartnersButlair (GR)
Design4Future (GR)
University of the Aegean (GR)
University of Thessaly (GR)
Project duration

The eDea research project aims to design and develop digital services for design teams that aim to contribute to innovation through the digital application of design thinking.

The proposed solution is targeted at design teams, both experienced and start-ups, with the aim of extracting innovation through supporting design thinking processes by digital solutions for ideation, collaboration, and synthesis.

The implementation of the project follows a holistic approach, starting from needs analysis, design of the innovation methodological framework, implementation of digital services supporting design thinking processes, and evaluation through pilot actions targeting real-life design teams.

More info: edea-project.gr