Spyros Bofylatos

Adjunct Lecturer

Postal Address: Konstantinoupoleos 2, Ermoupolis, Syros, 84100
Phone: 22810-87150
Email: bofy[αt]aegean.gr
Personal Webpage

When he was a young boy Spyros wanted to become either a Pirate or a Space man. Unfortunately his career in space piracy was abruptly put on ice due to a freak accident including quantum brontosauri that damaged the part of the brain associated with being serious. Nowadays he finds himself stranded on the island of Syros, Greece holding his PhD on emerging design methodologies.

He is a firm believer that the only way to step forward is by moving ahead. His weaknesses include high powered lasers, walnuts, femes fatales and his inability to let a pun drop. He has worked in a variety of sectors such as organized crime, unorganized crime, shoe shinning, celebrity lookalike, actor, designer and politician.Dr. Spyros Bofylatos holds a doctorate in theory of Design from the Department of Products and System Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean.

His research sprawls around design for sustainability, craft, service design and social innovation. His work is based on creating meaningful dialogue between the theoretical framework and the sociotechnical propositional artifacts that embody different research questions. At the very core of this process is the notion that we live in transitional times and fostering the discourse that leads to networks of artifacts that embody alternative systems of values is necessary to move away from today’s unsustainable society.

Research topics

  • Service Design
  • Design for Sustainability
  • Design for the circular economy
  • Open, participatory, collaborative design practices
  • Values Led Design

Selected Publications

  • Kottaridou A. & Bofylatos  S. (2019) “Whole systems upcycling, a Methodology for designing in the Circular Economy” Responsive Cities 2019, Disruption through Circular Design, Barcelona, Spain
  • Boukouvala N., Bofylatos S. & Zacharopoulos N. (2019) MYCELIUM exploring the new, alternative fungal hyphae based material’s potentials, EKSIG2019 Knowing Together – experiential knowledge and collaboration, Tallinn Estonia
  • Triantaylli, N., & Bofylatos, S. (2019) “Poke it with a stick”, using autoethnography in research through design, EKSIG2019 Knowing Together – experiential knowledge and collaboration, Tallinn Estonia
  • Bofylatos, S., & Telalbasic, I. (2019). Service Startups and Creative Communities: Two Sides of the Same Coin?. The Design Journal, 22(3), 239-256.
  • Bofylatos, S., (2018) Traces as service evidencing, ServDes 2018 Milan Italy
  • Bofylatos, S., Spyrou,T., (2018) “(De)Constructing counter-culture grass-roots initiatives and bridging them with design.” in UnDesign, critical practices at the intersection of art and design
  • Bofylatos, S., & Spyrou, T., (2017) Meaning, knowledge and artifacts, giving a voice to tacit knowledge, 12th European Academy of Design Design for Next, Rome Italy
  • Bofylatos S. (2017) Adopting a craft approach in the context of social innovation. The Journal of Craft Research 8.2
  • Bofylatos S. Spyrou T. Darzentas I. Darzenta J. (2016) The service design studio, putting it all together, NordiCHI 16, Experience Design for Multiple Customer Touchpoints workshop